No doubt… AOVE returns early harvest! In BuenSalud we are always aware of the latest and want our customers to take this into account. Thus, we have to announce that the oils were ahead of this September. That is to say, what is known as ultra early harvesting begins to stalk become more and more common in the province of Jaén.

AOVE early harvest

Many producers begin to collect it early AOVE. We talk about a "special" campaign that has been brought forward due to high temperatures and lack of rain. The years in which these factors are met, this happens, so it is not surprising.

High temperatures and lack of rain are causing premature ripening olive, resulting AOVE early harvest

The entire team forming Buensalud, mentioned the good result was achieved in the first extra virgin olive oil that occurred days ago, of the three varieties Frantoio, Arbequina and picual. As a result, we have a pretty good AOVE, round and balanced, or what is very good news.

It is common to find a premature harvest AOVE involved in the effects of climate change, accelerating the ripening process of the olive. For years now, many factories open their doors in September-October to advance this process.

The high temperatures and lack of rainfall, It has led to this premature maturation AOVE. Is the lack of water who has advanced this natural process of fruit development.

What we know as ultra early harvesting of olives starts to look like something general and habitual, nothing new considering changes in temperatures in recent years. It is also estimated, it will remain so in the coming years. We'll see.

So in conclusion, we can say that in this 2017 AOVE early harvest has become. Do not hesitate to take a look at our store, to add to cart all you need. Ask us without obligation

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