In BuenSalud we love to take care of yourself, inside and outside. Thus, we want to talk to all uses of the AOVE outside the kitchen; because it is much more than a wonderful salad dressing to add body and flavor to all your dishes.
AOVE beyond the kitchen: applications

We often use olive oil in the kitchen, to align dishes like salads, olive oil, at breakfast with toast, to cook, etc. But, And out of the kitchen? Does it really interesting uses? Of course.

Olive oil has a set of properties allowing prepare medicinal drug and medical products for various ailments solve. Likewise, We are also found in cosmetics for skin, for a more luminous and hydrated.

Today, through the oil we can do many things. One of them, is say goodbye to migraines forever. Do you know how? You just have to mix 50 grams of chamomile flowers with a pint of virgin olive oil. Then, leave it to marinate the sun 15 days. You'll get a perfect complement to massage the neck and forehead. You will pass the headache.

Constipation Problems? Never more. There are natural home remedies using oil to stop it. In this case, You can take every morning 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Or opt for an infusion of chamomile and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Mix everything well and to drink.

Olive oil is also effective against bone problems or rheumatism. For example, you can use it to deflate joints. You only have to make a mix with a little camphor and massage the area with the mixture. It is an interesting and easy way to forget about the disease.

A major of these uses more doctors, We can also find interesting products such as handmade soaps and creams made with oil. If you decide to do it at home oil will be a great ally to get a much smoother skin, healthy and beautiful.

How about the uses of oil out of the kitchen? Did you know them?

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