The AOVE has many different uses in the kitchen. It is an indispensable ingredient in dishes of the Mediterranean diet. So if you want to know everything you can do with it, today from BuenSalud you talk about its uses:

AOVE in the kitchen: knows all uses

The Extra virgin olive oil It is one of the ingredients that you should not miss on a daily basis in our kitchens. And is that, its uses, They are so abundant that sure and you use it involuntarily. But you'll be surprised at what you can spice up with this indispensable element in our kitchens.

One of the things we do most is to use the AOVE dress salads or raw or cold foods. So it is one of its main functions is to take on a tablespoon of oil (depending on the amount) and stir to make it delicious.

Of course, AOVE also used to tan certain foods like meat and fish to acquire all its flavor. But it is also used for stir-fry, rehogar, upholster, confitar, asar, pickle, fry, keep, emulsionar…

The oil is present in many different dishes, from a Mediterranean breakfast bread with oil and tomato, up to a delicious omelette, a meat, a fish, a dessert or a good stew.

So if you're a cocinillas, Surely you do not separate yourself from oil to give flavor to your dishes!

Is it a good idea to throw oil all?

The truth, It is recommended to consume as 2 O 3 AOVE tablespoons per person per day. However, there are people who during a diet reduce their consumption 1 O 2 tablespoons maximum to reduce caloric intake.

Cook with very little oil is also a possibility. However, Note that although it is a caloric element, It has many benefits for the body, so your consumption is highly recommended forever.

As you see, AOVE uses in the kitchen are not exactly few. How do you use? What dishes would you say is absolutely essential?




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