The cosmetic uses olive oil They are more abundant than you think. Because it is an essential product of the Mediterranean diet not only, but AOVE is so beneficial that will surprise you how well it has curdled in the beauty sector. Let's learn its uses in the world of cosmetics!

Using olive oil for cosmetic: it's possible?

Given that the olive oil It is one of the healthy fats more it benefits us, its uses go far away from the kitchen, because it has been shown to be a great ally of beauty.

Some of the uses olive oil for cosmetics

Hair conditioner: since time immemorial many women they have already applied to have the most hydrated and shiny hair. And the truth is that it works and is a very good natural home remedy.

As a natural exfoliant: that does not apply yourself you panic in the face AOVE, because this mixture with sugar is infallible to create an exfoliating cream and remove impurezcas face or body.

Cuticles: just you have to take a drop of AOVE and wipe the area cuticles. It is beneficial for nails.

To treat acne: although the oil is fatty and a priori may seem that contact with the skin produces grains, rather the opposite occurs when combined with will, because it becomes a great ally against acne.

Eyelash growth: You will be surprised that the AOVE can help you have a more beautiful eyelashes and most populated, because it strengthens their growth. Only apply one drop every day.

To remove makeup: It is essential to remove traces of makeup before going to sleep, and if you do not have a desmaquillante hand or want to use more natural, just take a little on a cloth and pass.

There is no doubt that olive oil is a great ally in the world of cosmetics and natural beauty, You can have beautiful skin thanks to AOVE!

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