The 2019 He has started with much acclaim for AOVE Coupage of BuenSalud. Every year we turned to various competitions in the world to publicize the quality of our olive oil. So if you want to know how we've done so far this year, we invite you to discover for yourself / a:

Awards for AOVE Coupage of BuenSalud

In this 2019 We have obtained some important recognitions for our AOVE Coupage, as the following:

● Los Ángeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition: silver medal for our Coupage and also for packaging
● Athena International Olive Oil Competition: gold medal
● Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition: gold medal
● Oil China Competition: silver medal
● World's Best Awards Olive Oils New York: gold medal

So far this year our Coupage has won numerous awards. We have obtained silver medal and gold medal for our Extra virgin olive oil. We are very proud to have achieved these excellent results and to share with you all!

further, The jury also valued highly the packaging of our products, that always takes into consideration when buying a gift AOVE.

We are very pleased to offer our users a high quality product, recognized worldwide. That is why so every year we work more, to continue improving ourselves and provide our consumers the best; because a good AOVE always makes the difference.

We invite you also follow us in social networks, because through networks like Facebook you can follow us wherever we go beyond.

Much remains 2019; so we look forward to telling you more successes of our Extra virgin olive oil.

further, you know that the Buensalud Coupage is now available to buy from our shop. Do not delay to make with yours! And if you want to make an excellent gift, do not hesitate to consider.

What do you think our AOVE Coupage? Have you had a chance to try? What medal would give us?

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