In BuenSalud we do not only offer quality and delicious AOVE, but we also want to tell you how you can use as a cosmetic AOVE, because it has many properties that allow skin look healthier.
Using the AOVE as a cosmetic

Olive oil has always been used to help the skin to look healthier, so it is a basis in many treatments for the skin.

The presence of components such as vitamin E and C do that to be a potent antioxidant, so that helps fight free radicals generated by cell stress and premature aging.

● Hydration: one of the greatest powers is its power AOVE hydration, because it can deeply moisturize. If you have dry skin is very important that from time to time you apply.
● Remove Stretch Marks: a trick to squeeze AOVE use as a cosmetic is where we striations, since it helps to reduce.
● scar the skin and repair: It is perfect to use when we have any skin problem, wounds and we want to regenerate as soon as possible. It works very well against irritations and eczema.
● For hair: It helps moisturize the hair and gives more shine.

If you do not want to use only, you can add a few drops of body cream AOVE, to help improve skin elasticity.

AOVE can also be used as a powerful eye makeup remover. You only have to water moisten a cotton ball and apply a few drops of AOVE.

Also you find to buy natural products that come with percentages of AOVE. It is therefore important that you review the composition, to know what you are buying and thus enjoy all its benefits.

The AOVE you care inside and outside!

Few ingredients are able to take care of yourself inside and out, so it is a must, both the Mediterranean diet and skin care. So you can not miss in your shopping cart.

We hope that AOVE and beauty tips you have been helpful!

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