Halloween recipes with EVOO

Do you want to surprise your family or friends this Halloween? We know that it is a different year and that we cannot meet more than 5 o de 6 people. But nothing happens, because you can show these works of art even by video call.

Here are the rhalloween ecetas what do we propose for him 2020:

Pumpkin cream

How about a terrifying pumpkin cream? It is an ideal dish for dinner; warm and easy and quick to prepare. A sure hit.

To do it, you need 750 g clean pumpkin, 1 potato, 1 onion, 4 questions, 1 pinch of salt, 3 tablespoons EVOO and a few pinches of black pepper. You will use the EVOO to poach the onion, what will give you a delicious taste.

In a pot, poach the onion, the potato and add the pumpkin. Then shred everything. By last, add the cheeses. To present, remember the decoration. Can you do a kind of cobweb with liquid cream. Even a spider gummy on the side if you want to make it more elaborate.



A recipe that the little ones in the house will love, they are delicious spaghetti. Who doesn't like pasta? And more this.

Simply, bring a pot to a boil and add spaghetti, the amount you want according to the number of diners. Al punto or al dente, it's up to you! When you have them ready, drain well and put them on the plate.

The next, passes by heating a little ketchup (You can also do it at the same time as making the spaghetti). Y, if you can make it homemade, better. When you have it, put it on the plate, round like a face.

Bring an egg to a boil. When you have it, cut it so that each piece of the egg is an eye. Then, put a terrifying mouth with pieces of black olive. Finish the dish with a splash of EVOO and it will be to die for!.

Two ideal recipes for Halloween, for lunch and dinner. Very complete and full of nutrients and vitamins, also perfect for children.

We hope you enjoy them! Remember that with a splash of EVOO they taste much better.

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