In BuenSalud we have ready to begin a new campaign Olive and we want to share this moment with you. Because every year, after the olive harvest touches ready to start the new campaign.

Everything is ready to start the new campaign Olive

As you know we are in Villanueva de la Reina, Jaén, olivarera province par excellence of the country. A privileged place in which we have features that allow us to offer a extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, to the delight of all our consumers.

Having collected the olives, our farmers are already preparing to start the new campaign Olive, as it happens every year. so continue to produce our AOVE in all its varieties.

Although our cooperative primarily get the variety of picual oil, we always take care to offer a product of great quality and exceeding the expectations of our consumers in taste and body. A fruitiness never indifferent.

So right now, and plays start a olive new campaign. We have everything ready to start and for our 600 olivareros can offer the best possible olive, to continue improving over the years.

Where to buy our AOVE?

If you are interested in purchasing our products, You can do this from the online store. They are excellent in quality and taste. But are also very original if you want make a special gift, since it is a way to tell someone you care, you want to take care. Therefore we take great care packaging, to surprise inside and outside.

So, while we started with more enthusiasm than ever this olive new campaign 2019 / 2020 just we hope you enjoy the AOVE we offer. If you have not yet tested, Make your order and tell us what you thought.

We will be telling for social networks all developments in production, awards, events where we will ... everything to be closer to you.

If you have any questions about the campaign Olive, you can ask.


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