If you are interested in how the process of cultivation of the olive tree, surely you've ever come across words you do not know what they mean or that "you sound like Chinese". Thus, Here are a number of terms that will be of great help and useful. They are as follows:
Concepts olive cultivation

In BuenSalud we want you to understand us when we were talking about the olive tree and the cultivation process. Often a "local slang" is used on the olive grove and is important to define these concepts so that no confusion.

The tree is called olive Jaen, while the olive tree a few years is known as estaquilla, stake or sit.

The different parts of an olive tree go by foot (trunk or base) and the cup (cobollo or cogollo). As branches, they are known as tatters, haldares o haraperas. As regards the old branches, They are known more as reviejos, coastal and coastal.

Part of the interior of the olive tree is known as centers, the breasts entresenos. The roots are raigones, beards, plot, hair roots or.

The flowers have a bud on the stem, which is known as the frame, hand, muestra or spikelet. The flower is known as hemp and canary pollen or sulfur. After the flowering season have the curdling of oiling or curdled.

When the olive is formed, the pulp is known as the flesh and skin skin or skin. In the plantation, when holes are opened it is given the same name to action. While, the lines of olives are called strakes, online, threads or Hila. The group is litter or calara and, the square where are planted, It is known simply as picture or frame planting.

With regard to planting, no specific cycles. In spring, the olive tree buds and check that action is called throwing or being in sap. Also out at the base of the trunk to be pruned, as pestuga, idiot, Rod, etc.

Pruning is known as mamonar or chuponar, among others. And the collection, water or olive green onions. Certainly a dialect, very personal.

What do you have like these terms?

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