In BuenSalud we are concerned about your diet and always insist on the importance of following a Mediterranean diet. To get it, take a good AOVE is essential. So we want to talk to some cooking techniques with olive oil (hot and cold). You can not miss it!

Cooking techniques with AOVE

The AOVE It is the basis of many dishes and you can not miss, so it should be consumed one of quality, Because health is not played! And to achieve, it is important that you know some other interesting culinary technique AOVE.

cooking techniques with cold oil

To align: one of the most common uses olive oil cold has to do with the dressing. It is a technique that is often used in oil and consisting mix different condiments, as AOVE, to give more flavor to the dish or enhance it. It is widely used in salads, vegetables, fish, etc.

to emulsify: olive oil extra virgin is one of the key ingredients in such preparations. It is to attach various ingredients to create a mixture, like a salsa. So its uses are very broad: pink sauce, White garlic, etc.

To conserve: although it is one of the least common uses -given that you may never have done-, cans preserve They are carrying oil to extend the life of food. Some of the main ones are cheeses, inlaid, etc. So it has many uses.

cooking techniques with hot oil

sauté: It is one of the most used applications, for foods that require little cooking. vegetables in wok type.

to roast: roasting technique is the food in the oven with flowing above AOVE. For example: roast.

For fry: It is not exactly the healthiest and recommended technique, but occasionally it does not hurt. Consists of introducing food into AOVE cold boiling until good inside and out.

for tan: It is often used in meat or fish, Where is immersed for a while to acquire a certain taste.

Other hot AOVE techniques are stewing, pickle, confitar or braise. Now that you know these techniques is that only AOVE try!

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