This Christmas surprises with EVOO

The Christmas it is a wonderful time to enjoy the company of our loved ones. We know this year will be different from any other, but the important thing is to be healthy.

Y, if we talk about being healthy or about gift health, What better than extra virgin olive oil to achieve this? It is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet and has many important benefits for the body. Because, can not be missing in any house on these special dates.

Regardless of who you can meet with 6 O 10 people, We want you to do your bit this Christmas and surprise yourself with this product. Because there are many ways to enjoy EVOO. Do you know how? We propose the following two:

  • Give AOVE: giving extra virgin olive oil is something more and more frequent. It is a way to surprise a loved one with an essential product at breakfast and in the day-to-day kitchen. further, the packaging is surprising and is a sure hit.
  • Don't miss the EVOO in your dishes: the second way to surprise guests with this product, is that they find it in the starters and dishes that you serve at the table at Christmas. We have already proposed you excellent recipes on numerous occasions, stay with your favorites.

You can choose one or both ways, it's up to you! The important thing, is that this product so good for health is not missing on the table, why we need to take care of ourselves more than ever. Plus, it is also a way of telling your loved ones everything that matters to you, because by giving them EVOO you will be taking care of them.

In fact, you can prepare very different dishes. Likewise, you can make gifts with very different olive oil, both for the palate and cosmetics. Because today EVOO is used in chocolate, creams, gels, etc.

It is a product and ingredient of the Mediterranean diet that has come to stay. Y, if you share it with those who matter to you, better, because it is a way to give health, to contribute to making others better.

How about? Do you dare to bet on EVOO on these Christmas dates?


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