In BuenSalud we love to take care of you. For it, We propose an excellent EVOO but also this fantastic olive oil smoothie recipe. Much more than a trendy drink, It is very healthy and delicious!

Smoothie AOVE

New Times, new fashions. Y, in the case of drinks, surprising recipes also appear and they are yummy. This time, we talk about the smoothies.

As you surely know, a smoothie is a drink that is not only fashionable, it is healthy and delicious. It can be prepared at home and for this you only need a few fruits, juice or milk and a mixer. The result? A rich and vitamin-laden drink for a snack or as a substitute for breakfast or dinner.

Of course, smoothie recipes have evolved a lot. Every day we have new, for example, the detox, to debug. Focused on losing those extra kilos or always staying at our ideal weight.

But, How do you prepare these delicious fruit smoothies? There are many different variants and you can prepare the one you like the most, based on your tastes. What is important, is that always add a jet of EVOO.

With fruits or vegetables? Both of them!

These shakes can be prepared in many different ways. For example, the smoothie with skimmed milk, strawberry and banana is one of the favorites. Of course, there are also lighter versions; although the banana despite being caloric has many benefits for the body, You have to take it!

An alternative that many and many use to replace meals, are the vegetable smoothies. For example, can you do mixes with carrot or beet, two of the most popular ingredients that are always at home.

Of course, you can too mix fruits and vegetables. However, what you can't ignore is adding a few drops of AOVE. Why? Because not only enhances the flavor of the smoothie, but also makes the texture softer and make it healthier, enjoying all its benefits for the skin.

A trick that works very well, is to use the fruits or vegetables that you have at home and that are closer to spoiling. If they are ripe or past, they will be better in the shakes and you can consume them, so you avoid throwing away or wasting food.

Of fruits, vegetables… as you like! But may the EVOO never be missing. What recipe do you keep? Do not hesitate to share it!

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