Due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, This last Sunday of April will be different for many of us., since we will not be able to go to the hill of the cabezo in Andújar to celebrate the pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Cabeza. That is why from Buensalud we want to look back and collect some of those moments that take us to the foot of the sanctuary.

A little history

The pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Cabeza is the oldest in Spain and takes place in the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park in Jaén, in the heart of Sierra Morena. This celebration begins to take place from the thirteenth century and is about to meet the 800 years. Faith and devotion to the Lady of the Cabezo, makes this pilgrimage massive and thousands of faithful come to the Royal Shrine not only this last Sunday in April but every day of the year.

Moments to remember

There are many moments and memories that remain in our retina but in addition to the most special moments of faith and devotion, we can not forget the coexistence and harmony that is breathed during these days. A little chat and company with friends, a drink to the boot and of course, a piece of bread with our liquid gold, our oil picual extra virgin olive with the odd slice of ham.

Accompanying the brunette from home

There are many initiatives that are being carried out both by the parent brotherhood of Andújar and by individuals, some of them can be found in the following article of 20 Minutes.

Too, just like the rest of the years, Canal Sur TV will broadcast live the entire Eucharistic celebration of this pilgrimage that will begin at 09:45Sunday morning through a special program, dedicated to the brunette.

From Aceites Guadalquivir we are with our hearts set on the hill of Cabezo and seeing how this year, the faith and devotion to the brunette we take from home, that's why we want to remind you that our website is active for the purchase of olive oil.

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