In the event you're looking for good gourmet gifts for events, in BuenSalud we offer the best possible option. Why not gunwales olive oil? Did you know that is a gift as useful as healthy?

The best gifts gourmet event

In the shop you can buy BuenSalud, so whenever you want, the best olive oils to flavor your dishes.

But also, we believe that our product is one of the best gourmet gifts you can do for many reasons; so in this article we want to tell you about the most recommended products for giveaways at events.

  • mikado: Be surprised by this Mikado 100 ml. It is superb and is obtained directly from olives by mechanical means. It is highly recommended for giveaways at events, such as at a wedding.
  • Blend selection: you'll love the packaging of this AOVE coupage. A product that can not be missing in any pantry.
  • Frantoio selection: aove this other is obtained directly from olives. It comes in a perfect gift packaging.
  • picual selection: this other bottle is also great to make a very special gift.
  • BuenSalud bottle Palazzo: If you want to give a bottle of EVOO to be small, comfortable and manageable, This product is perfect. further, It is a success, since you'll be health care graceful.
  • case AOVE: AOVE these two bottles presented in a cloth bag are one of the most challenged gifts for events. It does not go unnoticed and is very useful.
  • case Serenade: If you are looking for a product to give away and which make the difference, This case is great.

If you want make a gourmet gift, with any of these insurance products acertarás. We recommend to give at a wedding, as a business gift, your restaurant, etc.

In BuenSalud not only we offer you an exquisite AOVE with that seasoning your dishes, but also we offer a packaging that will amaze your recipient. Because we always take care of the small details of each gourmet gifts for events we offer, for everything to be perfect.

Which do you run them all? Tell us about it in the comments!

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