There is less left for him 14 February, Valentine's Day. We know that it is an atypical year and that we have to spend more time at home. It is therefore, what in Good health we propose you some yummy dishes, from breakfast to dinner.

Recipes with EVOO to fall in love for Valentine's Day

If you want to surprise your partner for this Valentine's 2021, We propose some recipes with EVOO that you will surely love and will leave you exhausted at your feet. So let's see what you can prepare, rich and romantic at the same time:


  • Heart-shaped fried eggs: you can start the day with a somewhat American breakfast. How about some fried eggs? But not just any eggs are worth, Instead, you should use a heart-shaped pan or a heart mold. Add salt and EVOO, they will be dead. Do not hesitate to accompany them with bread, Best sourdough!
  • Fruit bowl in heart bowl and EVOO toast: fruit is also very important and cannot be absent from our day to day. For Valentine's Day you can cut fruit and put it in a heart-shaped bowl. You can also accompany it with toasts of bread with EVOO. Very healthy and rich.
  • Baked fish with vegetables: baked food is easy to make, tasty and great to surprise. We suggest you try this recipe that everyone likes and you can choose your favorite fish. For example, a bream with vegetables and a good jet of EVOO.
  • Roast meat: if you are more meat than fish, A pot roast or a steak can be a great alternative. You can present it with potatoes, vegetables, rice or salad. And it is also a special dish to make on Valentine's Day. Remember to take care of the presentation!
  • Steamed mussels: mussels are ideal to put as a starter in dinners and special meals. They are easy to prepare, you only need a steamer or pot and add bay leaf, lemon, oil and salt.
  • A good dessert: you can end the evening with a coulant, some strawberries with cream or a delicious ice cream. Also a creamy pudding with EVOO pearls.


Note that, being valentine, presentation is very important. If you have heart-shaped plates or a tablecloth with romantic motifs, better.

We hope you enjoy it! And don't miss the Good Health EVOO on your table.

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