You want to surprise your family for Easter? Make it delicious and easy to prepare dishes? Then, We propose a series of simple recipes ideal for Easter; bodied and flavor. Although we are in quarantine and we can not leave home, we can not keep good manners
Easter: easy recipes you can try

In BuenSalud not only you'll find AOVE finger lickin, but we like to recommend to our customers delicious and easy to wear with good food and surprise.

Here are some easy recipes that we consider ideal for festive seasons and thinking especially at Easter:

● stew with chickpeas, spinach and cod: thinking of waking, You can opt for this delicious stew with legumes most contested and typical of these dates. All this accompanied by seasonal vegetables and fish quality cod, although you can add another.
● Tortilla cod or hake: This is a type of prescription use, because with the leftovers of a fish you have at home you can make a good omelet. you can also add some peppers.
● Paschal Lamb to the oven: when preparing a good meat, with a lamb to the oven you acertarás insurance. Is a yummy roast you just take 2 hours of your time and be fine.
● Cod manchega: It is one of the most popular and easy dishes for vacation days. It is soft and served with vegetables.

Using base cod can also make meatballs or donuts if you want to avoid using meat.

And for dessert?

● Torrijas Traditional: if something can not miss during Easter is the most typical sweet, that is to say, the French toasts. It is simply a slice of bread bathing in milk, It is coated in egg and fry in AOVE. Then he gives flavor with sugar and cinnamon.
● Shortbread chips: another indispensable desserts are these donuts, simple to make and very rich.
● fritters: another great and typical recipe for Easter.

With these meals and desserts for Easter you can enjoy much more this holiday season. What do not miss one AOVE to flavor your dishes!

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