Want to surprise your guests with a new recipe and do not know what to prepare? Today, since BuenSalud, we recommend the dish Codfish salad, orange and shallot. Plus, we bring you a recipe so you leave rechupete. Let the mess!

Recipe 'Cod Salad, orange and shallot '

This dish of "Cod Salad, orange and chive "also known as Grenadian remojón. It's a salad mozárabe, It dates back to the Middle Ages and is very common in Almería, Granada and Malaga.

The basis for this is the Grenadian remojón orange, chive and cod. But you can add other ingredients like boiled egg and black olives (the taste of diners). further, There are many variants.

This is a dish that is not only delicious, but it is highly recommended in winter to treat colds, since it is Vitamin C rich. So if you have already opened the appetite, Do not lose the recipe:


  • Cod
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • black olives
  • Spring onion
  • oranges
  • Vinegar, oil, salt and pepper


  1. Desalination cod inserting it in a bowl with cold water and leaving it in the fridge for 2 days (the water must be changed every 12 hours).
  2. Cook the eggs in boiling water with vinegar for 10 minutes. If you are not ready, They left a few minutes. Then they peel and cut to taste.
  3. Peel the oranges and cut each slice into pieces, also to taste.
  4. Cut the scallions into small slices and olives.
  5. Roasting in a pan cod introducing two spoonfuls of olive oil. Flip a few minutes per side. Then crumbles.
  6. Finally we put the ingredients in a bowl (all mixed or to taste) and season with salt, ground black pepper and our Extra virgin olive oil blend variety.

With our AOVE and following these steps will be a delicious dish. What you thought this cod salad recipe, orange and shallot? Do not miss on those winter days where you do not know what to cook and want to surprise.

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