You want to know healthy and fun recipes to eat well and have a good family? The truth, is that cooking can help us spend time with our loved ones. In BuenSalud we know it well and that is why we want to offer you some fantastic dishes.

Healthy and fun recipes for the whole family

What do you think if we start with a Zucchini Omelet? It is a very simple recipe to prepare and fun, because you will simply have to beat the eggs as if you were making a French omelette but instead of potato, you add zucchini. The result, a light and ideal dinner for the whole family.

If you want to make a family cake, we offer you this salty tatin tart with carrot and asparagus. You can buy the puff pastry on any surface and then simply fill it with asparagus and carrot, to make it more vegetable and healthy.

Healthy burgers, rich and fun preparation? It is also possible. For it, we suggest you make them hake burgers. It is a way for the whole family to eat fish while enjoying a fun preparation. You can also add lettuce, tomato, etc.

Another fun and healthy recipe ideal to share with the family, are some tuna burritos. When we talk about this type of food it may seem like junk food, but is not. The bread with a base of lettuce and tuna is rich and healthy, since it is a way to eat fish on a fast plate, fun and low calorie.

Want to pizza? You can also cook a very healthy version, low in calories and with vegetables or fish. For example, you can make it mediterranean, with grilled vegetables or salmon with brie cheese.

By last, We propose you another recipe that you will love to prepare as a family because of how simple and fun it is. It is delicious lemon and herb chicken breasts, for children to enjoy decorating and dressing.

With these recipes success will be assured. Your family will eat better and have fun like never before in the kitchen. Don't miss a good EVOO!

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