One of the elements we use in BuenSalud for our delicious and healthy AOVE, is the almazara. Do you know what it is?

Almazara: What is it

Speaking of olive oil will surely know the name of almazara. Know that means? We are facing a mill where the oil is obtained.

With regard to its origins, This mill dates back to the Copper Age. Older machines were stone, large and more than 2 meters high, similar to a mortar. Likewise, They had a lower capacity for work.

One of the main sights of the mills, It is that in them was a screw Large holding the levers and made pressure on olives, resulting in a golden oil.

How does it work? To understand better what you need to know a mill operation.

The first thing to consider is the selection of olives, since they must be in good condition and clean. So it will be reviewed well and all traces of dust or leaves that come with them will be removed.

After checking that are in optimum condition for consumption, They are passed through air fans and then weighed and washed. Of course, which come directly from olives do not need this long process.

The following is the milling or grinding phase. Once the olive is clean and selected, It is time to grind. There is a maximum of 48 hours to do, before it loses its properties. Years millstones were used, but now disposers type metal discs and cylinders with large.

After grinding the olive paste to be beaten to give the oil you are obtained. Then the oil is separated the remains. How? The most used method is the centrifugation; the mass is introduced into a cylinder and rotates at high speeds.

Nowadays, the almazara still has a major role. Normally, It has three levels (yard reception, winemaking and cellar). That's where it performs the processing of olives in AOVE.

Did you become clearer What is a almazara or you still have doubts?

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