Surely at some point you have heard that olive oil it is also known as liquid gold, This is due to its multiple properties and the benefits that this natural product can provide to health.

further, is a product that can be used in different areas such as: the gastronomy, health and cosmetology. Yes, as you are reading, olive oil is a versatile food that will be very useful in any field.

In this post you will learn more reasons why olive oil is called liquid gold.

Liquid gold since ancient times

Olive oil has been known as liquid gold since ancient times, especially in the mediterranean. One of the reasons for being known by this denomination is for its countless attributes and beneficial properties.

Even, many years ago olive oil was related to the gods, and its cultivation was a symbol of peace and prosperity in the populations, being another of the reasons why this product is called "liquid gold".

For sure, the mediterranean has a treasure called extra virgin olive oil, main ingredient of many preparations and heritage of Middle Eastern culture.

Incredible Qualities of Liquid Gold

When speaking of the qualities of liquid gold we must begin with its exquisite flavor with an acid touch that gives a unique touch to any recipe. Thus, most typical Mediterranean recipes incorporate olive oil in their preparation.

Likewise, its healing properties also make this product an extraordinary health ally. With it you can make multiple home remedies, being perfect to combat ailments such as: the constipation, Cancer, ulcers, among others. Therefore, experts in the health area recommend frequently consuming this product to stimulate bowel movement.

And finally, but not less important, olive oil is also linked to the world of beauty reaffirming that it is all a "liquid gold", since the excellent properties of this product can be used on the skin, as a perfect moisturizer or scrub. The liquid gold for face It is used in home beauty treatments since time immemorial.

further, in a matter of beauty, the liquid gold for hair it is also widely used. It is the ideal conditioner to keep hair strong, shiny and silky.

Now that you know all the qualities of olive oil, You are already clear why it is compared to this precious metal and considered one of the highest quality products in the world., purchase "Liquid gold" at the best price in our olive oil online store.

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