Do you know the characteristics and uses olive oil Frantoio? In BuenSalud always we surprise our customers with all the information on crops and different varieties of AOVE. And if you do nothing you speak of Ebola olive, we want to know what variety means frantoio.

Features AOVE Frantoio

Frantoio Olive Oil is made from a variety of olive comes from Tuscany (Italy), and you can find in BuenSalud our online shop. I must say that is not widespread in Spain, at least not today. It is a type of olive that is exported from countries like Italy..

The olive shape is oval, so much, that resembles a raindrop. It has a size of 3 grams approximately. further, It comes with a 85 % ratio seed / pulp, hence it has a fat yield 20% approximately. As the olive tree, has an average size larger shooting. It also has an open shape and is well suited to cold climates.

How is the flavor oil Frantoio?

The main peculiarity of Äôve mill It is that it is a very fresh oil. It has an intense green. But it stands out for its fruity and intense aroma, with traces of grass and even green almond.

At the time of tasting, the first notes are a aceite up while creamy and dulce. It's a great variety to consider and security will give a lot to talk about, although as we say, in our country it is not a widespread variety, but you'll find in
BuenSalud our online shop.

How Frantoio olive oil is consumed?

As for the uses and consumption of AOVE frantoio, It is considered ideal for eating raw. That is to say, It is perfect as dressing in salads or even to flavor pasta dishes. It also goes well with fish or steamed food.

Endless possibilities are what the Äôve mill give users. Do not let them to tell you! Try our AOVE!

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