Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Picual PET 2L

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Picual variety of olive oil extra virgin is ideal for use in the kitchen because its light bitterness and a touch spicy that characterizes makes having great strength and body. In Buensalud we present this olive oil Extra virgin picual one formato PET 2L, which facilitates handling of the bottle not being large.

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Buensalud presents the Picual its extra virgin olive oil in the decanter 2L PET format that will make handling easier. Picual variety of AOVE has very peculiar characteristics that make this olive oil get great strength and body, that, Collation to the slight bitterness and spiciness so characteristic of this variety, this oil make the best companion in the kitchen, both for cold dishes like hot.

One feature of this oil is extra virgin olive thanks to their fatty acids and antioxidants, helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and liver.

Here you can find all the characteristics of olive oil Picual

Forms conservation

It is very important that once acquired any variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, This does not lose all its qualities, So from Buensalud we recommend that you keep in a place that is preserved from the heat and excessive light.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g


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