The olive oil It is one of the essential ingredients of many dishes. But you know how it is achieved? Today we'll talk about How is the process of preparing the AOVE. And already proposed to you that no waste!

Oil making process

If you've tried the AOVE of BuenSalud sure you love. But to get, it is important to follow certain steps, so that everything goes well and the result is a rich olive oil, tasty and quality.

First is collect olives, which they will go through the process of making the AOVE 24 hours after harvesting. After that, They are transported in boxes and carefully to the place of processing.

Once the grain is in the almazara, it goes through production hoppers and conveyors. It is important to clean the olives well and remove any remaining branches, earth or stones that may have, so that it is ready for the next step.

Then it takes place the 'milling', time when the olive skin breaks and the oil is extracted. As a result, We have a homogeneous paste formed 4 elements: vegetable water, bones, olive pulp and oil.

At this point, through two processes separation elements, solids from liquids. How? By cold pressing or using a horizontal centrifuge. a second liquid separation is then performed, by decanting or using a vertical centrifuge.

To complete the process, It takes place oil storage. You can use drums or controlled cellar, with a good temperature and completely clean.

Within a bodega the oil is better preserved and will ensure quality, so it is important to keep it within these walls as long as possible.

Likewise, It is better than oil is packaged only at the time of receiving orders, to keep all his body longer.

Now that you know How is the process of preparing the Aove, how about? Would you like or you imagined you thought much simpler?

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