Every year a large number of different Olive Oil competitions are held around the world, and thanks to our work, this year we have been awarded four major awards.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, senior obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means has been awarded. It has slight bitterness peculiar itchy throat. It is an oil with great strength and body, has a slight bitter and pungent, which give this oil a great personality and stability. It is the richest in precious oleic acid, one of the most associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and liver. Definitely, unparalleled quality oil.

The four awards he has received have been:

Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. AOVE an international contest held in California City (USA), The Angels, where there have been more than 700 participants oils. We was granted a first bronze medal and "Color and type" within the awards for design, we obtained the gold medal.

Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition held in the city of Israel, with worldwide recognition and prestigious, in which we was given a medal of LUXURY GOLD.

Olive Japan, the great contest held in Tokyo, Japan, number one country in Asia in consumption and import of our AOVE. We were rewarded with a silver medal.

Oil China, held in Beijing, China, with an expert and international jury, It has great relevance in the global arena. We received a bronze medal.

All this is undoubtedly the result of effort and hard work, so we will continue like this to get more awards in the years to come.

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