Of the 10 al 12 November the Virtual Fair Olive Oil Olive3D be held, a meeting of an international character aimed at professionals in the world of olive oil, table olives and oleotourism. To attend this fair will only need a computer, a webcam and internet connection, once at the fair, only you need to configure the profile choosing the avatar and enter personal information and data from the company that represented.

As you can see in the video below, the fair recreates a scenario that plasma which would be a real fair, audience has, reception, pavilions, stands with the logos of the companies represented and counters with staff who are responsible for dealing with visitors, classrooms to attend lectures, workshops, etc., It is configured as a virtual exhibition fairs which usually professionals visit. Each virtual visitor or avatar that appears in Olive3D represents a real person, he passed it we can know who it is thanks to a small window that shows, Besides knowing which company or medium represents, one could say that has some similarity to the famous Sims game.

The Virtual Fair Olive Oil is presented as a great opportunity to contact producers, dealers, importers and exporters, and experts from the world of olive from the comfort of office or home by accessing the website of the event. They may be talks with all of them, attend conferences and learn about the latest industry. This virtual platform has several tools that will be of great help, video and text chat, people search and exhibitors, 3D map enclosure, News Wall, real-time statistics on the influx of visitors and other issues, the fair integration with social networks, etc.

Besides being able to interact in real time in 60 exhibitors at the fair, it can collect all kinds of data to download on your computer, get business cards from people you interested in maintain relationship for future agreements or transactions, expanding the network of contacts. It may participate in exclusive presentations and meet market trends in each of the four branches of the fair, the olive oil, table olives, the oleotourism and technology for cultivation and obtaining olive oil. Obviously the only downside is that this virtual fair may not be a tasting, enjoy the smell of oil or see its true color, that's what the real fairs.

The event program is quite complete, In addition to the stands, workshops, presentations, etc., in the virtual auditorium different papers related to scientific and technological advances that will appeal to industry professionals will be offered, then transcribe the program:

Interpretation and olive oil offered by the Spanish Association of Municipalities of Olivo (AEMO).

Growth of organic olives: Recovery of byproducts olive (leaf extract and mill residues), presentation offered by the Tunisian Institute Olivar.

Prototype- efficient microsensor for the detection of volatile compounds in olive oil, presentation offered by the Technological Center of the Olivar and Oil (Citoliva).

flavores temporal perception of virgin olive oil. TDS, presentation offered by the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training and Fisheries (Ifapa).

Table olives in Spain, lecture given by the Interprofessional Organization Table Olive Interaceituna.

The platform for the virtual fair has been developed by Hyperfair, an American company that is dedicated to making possible the real business through trade shows and events in a 3D virtual environment, You can learn more about the activities of this company through its Facebook page. In the official event page, you can learn more about the fair virtualOlive3D.

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