¡¡Our Coupage is a medal AOVE!! It has been present at the awards World’s Best Olive Oils de Nueva York and he has won, for the second consecutive year, the gold medal. A very important recognition for our work.

Likewise, our AOVE Coupae also obtained silver medal in the International Olive Oil Competition de China and the silver medal in the prestigious international competition Extra Virgin Olive OLIVE JAPAN 2018. So if you want consume one of the best AOVE, we recommend our olive oil of BuenSalud.

We sell an medal AOVE Coupage

In the times we pay more attention to what we eat, because eating habits have changed and it is a reality that every time we care more. And one of the foundations of many meals certainly is the olive oil.

AOVE is part of a great multitude of dishes and takes both hot and cold, so it is essential that either quality. In the end, we are what we eat, so if you want to buy one of the best AOVE of Spain, in BuenSalud we can help.

Our AOVE Coupage has received multiple awards

Not the first time our AOVE be seen in competitions at national and international level, so it has an extensive tour and has garnered many awards.

For the second consecutive year we have achieved gold medal at the awards World's Best Olive Oils New York. An important recognition of our work and desire to achieve a high quality AOVE.

The International Olive Oil Competition 2018 It is considered one of the most prestigious fairs in the Asian market and can boost extra virgin olive oil in Asia and China. And in this competition our AOVE of BuenSalud obtained silver medal.

Likewise, at contest Olive Japan the high quality of the oils was also recognized BuenSalud, because we got the silver medal.

It is essential that you incorporate in your diet Mediterranean bodied one AOVE, flavored and is healthy. So if you want to consume olive oil high-quality, we recommend the Coupage variety of BuenSalud.

So if you want buy a medal AOVE and without doubt one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, you'll find BuenSalud. It will surprise you!

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