When buying a product, the packaging is very important, and the element that contains. Why, for example, AOVE can come in a plastic bottle, glass or even canned. In BuenSalud you will find cans of oil great and perfect gift. But, Do you know your benefits?
Advantages of the packaging canned

Canned packaging has many benefits and many of them are related to food consumption, because it is a way to have a variety of foods to the extent; since the can is a container that is convenient to pack and preserve all kinds of food and drink.

The cans may be of steel or aluminum and are sealed. They are highly recommended to protect food from entering ultraviolet light, and the entry of oxygen or formation of microorganisms. So it's a way to preserve its contents.

Nowadays, the procedures followed for packaging canned food have suffered a great evolution, because food is not in contact with the metal due to the varnish coating food grade. One thing that certainly reassures those concerned about.

The liquid or food is inside remains isolated and welding and sealing are empty, so there is no contact with any heavy metal. The food will be kept clean and in excellent condition.

With regard to the hardness, It is also a material that resists very well to the impact and rupture, because even fall, It does not happen absolutely nothing. As much can dent if it takes a big blow. It is no coincidence that it is considered the material of greater protection and confidence cares.

Also underline steel cans and aluminum are innocuous. This means that does not change the taste or quality of the food. What always welcome to enjoy the full flavor.

Thinking about the environment, They are also 100% recyclable.

What do you think of this type of packaging?

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