With what happened with COVID-19 in our country, It is important to take all the necessary measures in the hospitality industry so that the client can enjoy the food with complete tranquility and security.. For it, in BuenSalud we want to talk to you about how interesting the monodosis AOVE, to use and throw away.

Aove monodose for hospitality

The single dose of olive oil they have been accompanying us for many years. They are interesting to put in restaurants, for takeaways or even to take to the beach; since there are also them in supermarkets.

But with what happened with the coronavirus in Spain, many hospitality businesses began to purchase these types of products. Especially, for not being able to share classic oil bottles with customers, vinegar, etc. Now, all is in single-dose format, to use and throw away.

Advantages of single-dose olive oil

What advantages does this type of product have?? Why choose it? First, by security which means avoiding that different clients touch the oil bottles. With what happened with the covid it is not hygienic. It is better for everyone to have their pod and simply throw it away as soon as they finish using it.

It is also interesting for comfort, because it comes with the exact amount of product and you don't have to handle large bottles. You just open it, you pour the product and ready. To eat.

As we say, It is a great ally of delivery restaurants that send food to your home., because they can offer a very similar service to their clients even if they are from their homes. They can't send you a big bottle of oil per order, but yes these monodosis de AOVE for you to enjoy anywhere.

And it's also comfortable to carry around, like when you go to the beach and you don't want to be loaded with bottles or leave the vinaigrette made from home. With the pods you can do it all there, without worrying about anything.

Take a look at our miniatures and cases, you may fit some for your restaurant and thus offer a better service.

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