Many of our customers have asked us once if oil color influences their quality. Today, since BuenSalud, we want to give you the answer.

Oil color influences their quality

The truth is that the color olive oil It depends on several factors. But at no time it is valued as a quality parameter.

The color AOVE It comes from the predominant pigment in the olives when harvested. It is for this reason that when extracted from olives, in its green mostly due to the chlorophyll, It presents this color. And when packaged is seen dark.

But when the fruit matures shown! carotenes and xanthophylls. These have a more yellow hues, hence to submit that color.

However, in the oil color other factors also, as the degree of filtration or decantation, time spent in the cellar or packaging, your sun exposure, temperature changes, etc. All these factors They influence its transparency and its brightness.

further, the human eye can prefer one color or another to suit your personal tastes. But what is important to know, is that color is not an indication of the quality of the olive oil. So it does not affect their quality.

That does not influence the quality does not mean it does not influence the taste or its kind

The soft oils usually they are of a light yellow and are the most desirable for cooking and frying. While heavy oils They have a dark green color and are ideal for seasoning dishes. Each is for a specific use, but its color is not an indication of quality.

Curiosity: Did you know that the tops of the professional wine tastings are colored?

Normally, are shown in blue or amber to the taster not perceive the color of the oil and, in this way, do not feel conditioned.

So in conclusion, remember that the color of oil has nothing to do with the quality. It is simply a matter of personal taste.

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