No, not all olive oils smell the same. If you have tried many you will know that each one has a different taste and smell, fruit of its composition. But, ¿what aromas can be found in a good EVOO?

Aromas of EVOO

Since BuenSalud we want you to enjoy our excellent EVOO. A product with great body and flavor. Of course, you may not know that every oil has a characteristic smell. These are the main aromas you will see:

One of the usual, is he olive aroma. We find it especially in high-quality EVOOs. It tends to be fruity and really tasty and delicious, because it allows us to detect from the palate that product from which it comes.

The herb scent it is also very nice. It gives us a feeling of freshness, of freedom, of contact with nature ... It is typical of a very fresh oil that goes down very well with meals. Fruit of EVOOs from the beginning of the season.

Eye, also can smell like green fruits ... nuts. That happens when it is in contact with other species and they bring all this flavor to the fruit itself.. It is very cool and really nice.

Maybe this flavor sounds a bit strange to you, but it can also smell like banana peel. Normally, corresponds to the early, arbequina type. What does it now fit you better?

Another common odor is tomato aroma. Specifically, we refer to varieties such as organic or extra picual. Very popular varieties that stand out for their aroma.

Then, we also have EVOOs that can be sweets, bitter or spicy. These are easier to recognize because their taste and smell are closely related. Sweets are more fruity, the most common bitter ones and the spicy ones leave that stinging sensation, as in the frantoio variety.

As you see, in many cases the aroma depends directly on the variety, the type of oil. But different factors of the environment that surround them intervene in their aroma. For example, the weather, the type of crop, the ripening of the olive ...

What is your favorite EVOO aroma?


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