Since BuenSalud we inform all: Last of 1 of March of 2018 it started Olive gleaning. As it was approved and published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Jaén.

Begins gleaning olive

Since last Thursday 1 March 2018 He began to jienenses rummaging in olive groves. In this trance, many people took the field with the aim of trying to find the olive that so far nobody wanted (given that the collection has almost completed).

What is pursued with "gleaning" is seize the fruit that remains in the field. But always carefully, because they can not be mixed with olives collection.

Gleaning is a tradition

The gleanings of olives in Jaén It is nothing new. Is a tradition between farmers and owners of these farms, to take advantage of every last olive you can do in the field. Making takes many years and although there were rumors that could advance, finally remained date.

However, It is not a task that can do any farmer just for the mere fact of being, since for gleaning the authorization of the owner of the property you are needed as discussed below.

Who will carry it out?

Since the Prefectures of Jaen remind us that only you can make on farms and by persons authorized. They can do the owners or who have been designated for this.

In the event that there is an authorization to a third party, it must be in writing. In this authorization shall include the data from the olive grove owner, The person conducting the gleanings and the name and SIG-PAG Development plan. It is essential to be done in this way to avoid any problems.

So now we just wait to next Thursday 1 March to start rummaging olives. You sign up?

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