There are gifts and presents. In the case of olive oil, is becoming one of the hottest pop-up gifts of the moment, because more and more people are choosing it to give away. But, why? To what do you owe your success? We tell you!

Give EVOO, a booming fashion that you have to try

In BuenSalud we take care. It is therefore, that in our online store you will find numerous products with EVOO to give away.


But, ¿why give olive oil? Why is this fashion? We are facing an essential product in the Mediterranean diet and that is part of all the dishes we prepare on a daily basis: for breakfast, in fish dishes, meats, etc. So that, Really, it makes a lot of sense to give it away.

EVOO is not just a gift practical, it is a way of giving life, to give away health. Because as we tell you, Not all oils are the same! There is EVOOs really tasty and with excellent properties, to take care of you.

further, there are many companies like BuenSalud that offer it in gift format, ready to give as a gift and thus enjoy a pleasant experience, with a surprising packaging and that already enters through the eyes. Leaves a very good feeling when opening it and finding it, because it is really beautiful and gives a very premium image.

Also keep in mind that there are many different ways to enjoy EVOO, and each time more. We can take it in plates and even spread it on the skin through soaps, shampoos, creams, etc. It is very versatile and is increasingly present in our day to day, not only in the kitchen anymore.

Another reason to choose it, is his price. It has an attractive price, which makes it a great gift, because we can choose it in multiple formats and different prices, based on what we are willing to spend. In order to set a maximum budget and guide us towards some products or others.

And it is also a gift for everyone: friends, parents, brothers, couples, etc. It is an ingredient that can not be missing in the day to day for health. By giving away AOVE, you are giving health to yours and making them a great smile.

For all this, is why the fashion for giving away oil has exploded. You still haven't joined her? If you want to give EVOO on special dates or this Christmas, visit the BuenSalud store. You'll love it.

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