In BuenSalud we want to do our bit to take care of you. We are aware that taking care of food can make you enjoy better health and it is important that you invest in it., in you. And you know what the base of all food is, a rich and tasty EVOO.

Good nutrition is key to taking care of yourself

The Extra virgin olive oil is the base of many dishes. It is a product that is very tasty and that has many properties and benefits for the body. Thus, we recommend consuming it always.

The ideal, is take 2-3 tablespoons a day. You can start at breakfast, making a tomato toast, a pinch of salt and of course the EVOO.

It can also accompany you throughout the day, as the base of your dishes to cook and to give flavor through dressing. It has many possibilities.

What is fundamental, is not missing in your daily diet. To have good health and be strong, healthy and vital, it is necessary to take care of food. Pay close attention to what you eat and do things right.

How to take care of food? Apart from incorporate EVOO into your diet, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, a diet in which you eat a little of everything, in just the right amount and be abundant in vegetables, fruits, fish, vegetables, etc.

A Mediterranean diet is key to take care of yourself. In her, the base and fundamental ingredient is olive oil, so they are the perfect duo so you are always perfectly cared for.

By eating healthy foods, exercise and take the recommended amount of EVOO each day, your body will appreciate it. You will be better outside and inside, why will help you take care of yourself.

Its benefits are remarkable because protect and prevent many diseases and of ailments, so you have a lower chance of suffering damage.

For all this, we recommend it as a prevention, because it is your great ally to carry a healthy style and learn to take care of yourself. It gives flavor to your dishes and it gives you life, What more could you want?

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