In BuenSalud we care about the state of our olive trees. We are always ready and in the best possible conditions to offer our customers a rich and quality AOVE. And we are aware of how important is the pruning olive trees. But ... do you know how?

Pruning olives: knows its importance

The olive tree pruning It is one of the most important work done in an olive tree. It is therefore important that only a professional do the work, an expert. Because it's who can ensure the good health of the tree and also good productivity.

Pruning of olive trees is important to offer the consumer a AOVE high quality. Here are some of its main objectives:

  • Cutting the old branches that no longer serve and let the young branches
  • Prepare the tree for the next harvest
  • Directing the olive tree where we want, and expansion of the glass
  • Give the olive vegetarian density we want
  • Balance production
  • Repair and restore the damaged parts
  • Prepare the next harvest successfully

When it carried out?

Olive tree pruning is carried out every year and before spring (before it begins to bear fruit for the next season). Likewise, assuming that the olive harvest is usually done between October and January; pruning olive tends to immediately. On February or March it is the ideal, to give you an idea and write it down on the calendar.

How is it done?

There is 3 ways of carrying it out:

  • Olive pruning training (the olive is formed for picking olives comfortably)
  • Poda olive production (between the 2 and the 4 years)
  • Olive tree pruning regeneration (when signs of aging)

So now you know the importance of pruning olive trees and how it is done, It only remains to add to our AOVE basket and enjoy all its flavor. You'll love it!


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