Do you know what is the importance of tasting in EVOO? ¿No? Well, you are in the best place to know every detail.

Extra virgin olive oil is a high-end culinary product worldwide. It is for this reason that the processes through which this oil passes are so rigorous and strict. The best olive oils are made with the best olives from the best cared olive trees.

But it's not just the manufacturing process, then there are other processes that must be followed to check its quality. Tasting is one of those important processes that verify the quality of a good olive oil.

Why is it important to taste EVOO?

Many people are unaware that extra virgin olive oil goes through this process to check its quality. The result of the procedure to create an excellent olive oil, usually ends with a chemical analysis that determines its quality.

So, if a chemical study is done Why is it necessary to taste it? It turns out that due to its complexity, its flavor cannot be determined exactly from this study. That is why it is necessary for experienced professionals, EVOO connoisseurs, taste the result and determine the flavor quality.

With this we can say that the type of study that is required is sensory, and this is only achieved by tasting the oil. further, For this, it is necessary to know the aromas and flavors of good EVOO and have a well-developed perception of these.

How is the tasting process?

It is natural to note that the tasting process is somewhat subjective., after all, each person perceives differently. But to avoid subjectivity and make the process as objective as possible, the so-called tasting panel was devised.

A tasting panel is a group of professional and experienced tasters, gathered to perform this quality test. It is agreed to evaluate the extra virgin olive oil under already established parameters that must be taken into account.

The panel may be made up of a group of 8 to 13 collectors, those who express individual opinions. Each of them gives their verdict based on the parameters and together they determine the quality of the final product.. That is to say, the result is an accumulated of the opinions of each one of the tasters.

This process together with the chemical study, are the ones that will determine if an olive oil is of quality. With the tasting it is possible to determine if there is a problem with the production of olive oil and in this way correct it. If you want to buy high quality olive oil you are in the right place.

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