The olive is a fruit that has a huge impact on a variety of cultures and territories. The consumption of its whole fruit and those derived from it, like olive oil, stand out in Mediterranean gastronomy.

The quality of olive tree products, also depend on the the way olives are harvested. Collection techniques have varied from ancient times to the most modern. In the following text, we can explore some of these methods.

Harvesting by vareo

Vareo is the oldest method used to collect olives, the most traditional method for this work. The form of harvest olives by shaking it was quite simple and consisted of hitting the olive tree with a stick.

Applying this, the olives were made to fall from the branches of the trees on some canvases placed on the ground.. Then the olives were collected and the leaves and stones that might contain the fruits were removed..

This method has the disadvantage that the tree suffered some abuse in the branches which could damage them, what made the productivity of the olive tree could go decreasing with each harvest.

Collection by milking

This procedure began to be implemented some time after the bending technique as an alternative to the damage caused. It consists of removing the olives one by one from the branches of the olive tree and thus avoid abuse.

With this technique lengthened the productivity of the tree, but it also increased the cost of collection. This is due to the large amount of labor required to carry out a collection of this style..

This method, being more delicate, take care of the olives from blows that can decrease the quality of the fruit. Keeping olives in good condition is very convenient for high quality products such as EVOO.

Vibration harvesting

This type of harvesting uses a machine with a gripper, which takes the branches and makes them vibrate. With the vibration, the olives fall, although it is usually necessary to apply a little shaking. This method is one of the most used today, since it considerably reduces the damage to the olive tree.

More modern methods are also being implemented to help reduce costs and damage to plantations.. The electric comb it is a good option that allows you to harvest without mistreating, this is a technique very similar to vareo. It is a mechanical rod that completes the procedure without damaging the tree.

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