One kilo of olive oil on the market cost source, depending on the quality, between 1,20 Y 2 euros. Never prices had been so low. And the olive-growing Jaen, the first producing area of ​​the world, they can no more. Last 30 January cut off the main highways and roads across the province, to request administrations measures to guarantee a fair price, since that price level only generates them losses. cooperatives, almazaras, agricultural unions and several municipalities want the price of oil is little more than a matter of state.
Producers and farmers were not alone. They were supported by dozens of municipalities in the province, social and neighborhood groups who wore a green ribbon as a symbol of struggle for the olive grove and a fair price. Dozens of tractors and trucks were mobilized under the slogan “Our olive grove is our future” the four expressways in the province. The A-4 which connects Andalusia with the plateau and Madrid was cut at the height of the municipality of Andújar. A-32, linking Seville and Cordoba with Levante, cut between Ubeda and Torreperogil, and A-319, linking the capital jiennense Córdoba and the municipalities of the countryside, It is cut between locations Jamilena and Torredonjimeno. By last, A-44, Bailen linking with Granada and Malaga, cut at the height of the Carretera Puerto, in the municipality of Campillo de Arenas.
But who protest against the sector? Agricultural organizations point to the market and speculators oil as main culprits in this situation of low prices.

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