Many people do not look at the label of the products they buy, But why is it so important look? It is essential to look at the product labeling, as, through this, It informs the consumer of what it contains. Thus, In this article we will talk about we must find information on any label.

In BuenSalud know very well that two oils, apparently equal, but in its composition there can be a profound difference.

And where we check that? Do we have to analyze the products under a microscope in order to find quality? In this article, you discuss the importance of product labeling and what information they can find on the labels.

We must find information on product labels

Why product labeling is necessary?Any distributor has an obligation to inform the consumer of the product that will consume.

In this way, you and everyone we know which foods or ingredients contained in the product in question. It is very important especially in the face of power, by allergens among many other things.

Fortunately, over the years, people have to check the calories or fat containing the products we are buying. This is essential if you want to lead a healthy and balanced diet. It is not unhealthy or obsessive.

To give you a quick example, It is not the same a sunflower oil that virgin olive oil. The types of nutrients provided either, or saturated fats, are some of the main differences.

Regarding the latter, it is important to know if the food we buy have Saturated fats, and avoid them as much as possible, as well as too caloric and food harmful to the body. It's a start to prevent or reduce obesity.

What information found on labels?

We have on the one hand mandatory labeling and on the other, the voluntary labeling.

Regarding the mandatory labeling, it should be noted that industries are required to comply with European and Spanish legislation and give consumers the product information on the label. Will have to indicate the ingredients used to prepare, weight and health declaration.

When we speak of voluntary labeling, for example we speak of nutrition labeling. we need above all to know the total amount of energy and nutrients or calories Product. Information is also given on the Guideline Daily Amount (EVERY), to know how much we are consuming this product.

If you want to bring good nutrition, we recommend you look on labeling of the products you buy, to know what they contain and whether it is a more or less optimal product for the body.

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