In Buensalud we help you choose gourmet gifts that are especially healthy.

Give away Select oil Buensalud It means gourmet gift products allowing you to enjoy unique experiences on the palate inside and outside the kitchen, our oils are made using traditional methods to obtain the Extra Virgin Olive Oil higher quality.

Extra virgin olive oil has become our daily life an essential element in the kitchen. The consumer is increasingly informed and knows its great benefits and can differentiate the characteristics that make a AOVE is more or less quality.

Want to give a gourmet experience?

There are many reasons why give AOVE:

  • Being healthy and healthy.
  • Your gift to make you distinguish between the other.
  • To thank someone a favor.
  • Also to give something of your land and promoting Spanish gastronomy and especially, Andalusian.
  • Just to take it with family or person you want.

we are not in Buensalud the idea of ​​a table where a good virgin olive oil does not appear Extra, like a meal is more special with a good wine, so it will be with a good oil through.

Now you can Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our online store with different payment methods, in elegant packaging and the format that best suits your needs.

Between what I can choose formats?

Glass format: In this format we have all our varieties, You can choose from a small bottle gift for your events, such as the format to Mikado 100ml bottle type Frasca, which it is a larger format and can be an option for other gifts.

format Cases: This format is chosen for individual gifts and special, AOVE kits may contain between 2 Y 3 bottles and you can choose the combination of the different varieties, We will recommend the kit containing a bottle Picual, another Arbequina and other frantoio in 500ml glass bottle.

Do you have convinced? if so, please contact us through our email or visit our company personally, We will be happy to assist.

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