In BuenSalud we always recommend our AOVE, but do you know why?

Recently, It has come to light the news that the Andalusian olive oil exports are breaking records because they have gone up 31 %. If you do not know the reason, in this article we tell the reasons for this historic rise without question.

Andalusian olive oil exports are breaking records, you know why?

Since October 2016 to June 2017, Andalusia has registered a record in exports of olive oil. This represents an increase of 31 % over the same period a year earlier, so they are very good news.

Rodrigo Sanchez, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, He said that Andalusia has marketed abroad over 563.000 tons of olive oil. It is representing a whopping figures 2.000 millions of euros. These figures are encouraging because they confirm that the AOVE of the region is of utmost quality, but it should not rest on their laurels, because the successes are to repeat. And quality, which it is one of the most important aspects, course that has.

Not only are motivating figures, but should seize the opportunity to strengthen business strategies and consolidate the product in foreign markets. Since we are at the moment to change things, and that brands recognize the value of our land. But to get, unity is necessary to follow a good trading strategy.

The greatest growth in consumption will come from countries outside the European Union, with an estimated increase exports 46 % until the year 2026

The next target is Canada, a country with high purchasing power and imports over 30.000 tons of olive oil. Spain in this country does not lead the market share and could see how things change soon, AOVE because exports to Canada have increased considerably in the last four years. And the outlook is for growth.

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