¿You want to surprise your partner for Valentine's Day? Then, use the AOVE It could be a master stroke, because it will allow you to prepare delicious dishes, without that good little oil, They could not taste the same. Of course, for it, we recommend using the AOVE of BuenSalud.

The best dishes to surprise for Valentine's Day

Sure your partner has one or more favorite foods. Maybe you like a good steak? Or do you prefer one fish baked? Either way, then you talk about the best recipes for Valentine's Day.

  • And salmon puff pastry hearts: a romantic in appearance and delicious recipe for salmon lovers and pastry.
  • Lobster Gazpacho: this dish with a good AOVE makes the difference, so you could use it for first course and then add, as decoration, a heart in the middle.
  • Valentine cake: there are numerous chocolate cakes and cream with heart-shaped dessert you put the 14 February.
  • Heart-shaped pasties: If your partner is passionate and passionate about the empanadillas, sure likes tuna, of meat, chicken curry ... why not do heart-shaped? Starter will not forget in life.
  • Sauteed prawns with coconut rice and pineapple: a Valentine seafood for sure you will succeed. This dish is very rich and is very easy to prepare.
  • Strudel handle duck ham: If you want to go a little further and surprise with a recipe that may never have tried before, this sure you succeed.
  • Pork tenderloin with whiskey en cocotte: If your partner is a good meat lover, with this dish full acertarás.

¡These recipes are perfect for Valentine's Day! You can prepare dishes with a rich flavor, looked great and, especially, healthy.

And remember, if you prepare accompaniments such as rice or fried eggs, maybe a heart shaped mold let your partner totally surprised.

So you already know, Choose a recipe, AOVE use a good and safe triunfarás.

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