Since last day 20 of March, left behind and winter, starting with a particular spring both, in which time does not seem to improve. We are still a large number of storms and cold, they are not usually typical of these dates, and of course, affect crops. In the particular case of olivo, in spring This requires some care and growth stimulations, in order to obtain an olive oil of the highest quality, as AOVE Buensalud.

Olive care in spring

Olive flowering ends in late May and Spring. Temperatures at that time begin to rise next to daylight hours, so our olive tree will need some care over the previous months, to grow healthy and strong.

Although the olive tree is very hard and it supports very well the high temperatures and lack of rain seasons, This should be careful frequently to get a quality product. How well feel that extra virgin olive oil that we like taste in the Mediterranean culture, true?

Caring for the olive tree during the months of April and May

As usual care, we will proceed with pruning tasks. It is important to remember that olive trees need to be pruned with some frequency, as this allows more light to the lower buds of the plant and aerates the deeper areas.

further, to get lopped also give you a balanced the olive tree, to grow much stronger and provided.

Specifically, the olive tree in spring requires tilling to promote its development and productivity. Tillage is done during the months of April and May to remove weeds, and all the water from rain and irrigation will stop the roots of the olive tree, making it grow strong and healthy.

With these simple tips we can promote the growth of the olive tree in spring, and thus achieve excellent olive oil as AOVE Buensalud.

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