The olive grove in spring has special characteristics and care that you should pay attention to if you want to maintain the health of the plant..

The perfect season for olive oil production is during spring. During this season the tree is at the ideal point to grow the olives with which olive oil is produced.. In fact, experts assure that it is the perfect time for the fertilization and irrigation process.

If you are a lover of olive oil and you are interested in knowing a little more about its production and the olive grove, you are in the right place.


What happens to the olive grove during the spring?

It is said that at the beginning of spring a vegetative restart also begins, this is the phase when new leaves sprout on trees. When we refer to olivar, It is it is characterized by its light green leaves on the branches.

These factors indicate that the tree is in the ideal time for cultivation practices, as irrigation, fertilization and disinfection. During this period, small buds also begin to sprout that grow slowly to give way to the flowers..

We can observe that the leaves have a peculiar characteristic. Unlike the flowers of other trees, these grow in small groups or clusters from around 20 to 40 flores. With the passing of time or in the middle of the month of May, these small clusters grow to their final size.

At the end of spring they are fully formed, Nevertheless, still closed. That is to say, the complete flowering phase of the olive tree occurs during June.

Nutrients necessary for the olive tree

exist olive grove treatments in spring that guarantee a higher production of olives. So that these are of guaranteed quality, the olive tree needs certain nutrients such as potassium and nitrogen.

The nitrogen is important for the tree during spring. In this season the leaf mass increases, there is greater fluctuation and sprouts begin. In this way, olive production will be higher that allows the production of olive oil.

Regarding the potassium, is a nutrient of great importance in the station fall. This component is closely linked with nitrogen assimilation and is a determining factor during processes such as: carbohydrate synthesis, regulation of water and photosynthesis.

For this reason, the olive grove in spring is at its best for cultivation. Without a doubt, it is decisive for the production of olives and therefore, of olive oil. Look at this our online store and be amazed by the variety of oils available.

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