A good Extra virgin olive oil brings a set of wonderful sensations in each bite. It is what is known as the fruity. Do you know him? Find out why it is so important to take it into account:

EVOO and fruity

In BuenSalud we take care of even the smallest detail our extra virgin olive oil. And we want each person who tries it to get a very good olfactory sensation. For it, it is important to know the fruity.

We are facing an attribute that brings together the set of sensations of the oil in the smell, which may be different depending on the variety of the olive and its quality. But it is important to keep it in mind because it is a sign of quality.

Through the fruity EVOO we can know its quality and classify it. Can we remember a fresh and healthy fruit and even other fruits like bananas, The green apple, The citrus, Artichoke, fresh cut grass, aromatic herbs, the orchard, etc.

The fruity in EVOO is something like the tasting in wine. The taste is appreciated, the color and also reminds of other flavors or fruits. Thus, when talking about the fruity in extra virgin olive oil we find different types.

In the case of verdes, they remind of the green fruits and the cut branch. They have a bitter and spicy touch and are the first field oils. While, the mature are more associated with the flavor of nuts and have a less intense smell, they are softer and even sweet.

However, throughout these years it has evolved. We find EVOOs that are reminiscent of different flavors such as chamomile, berries, flores, money…

Choosing one flavor or another also depends on the type of food to be prepared.. The same as in the case of red or white wine. Because some dishes may not have the expected flavor due to using another type of fruity.

So that, starting from all this, you need to take into account the fruity when adding an extra virgin olive oil to the cart. further, remember that the regulation requires a minimum fruity to be part of these commercializations, and they must comply.

Can we help you choose the ideal EVOO? If you prefer, You can ask us and we will recommend one variety or another based on the type of oil you need.

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