In BuenSalud We are aware that Climate change affects olive cultivation. And will continue to do as the years pass and the change is even more remarkable. Thus, we want to tell how it occurs:

Climate change affects the olive tree

According to a study published by Ifapa (Research Institute and training agricultural and fisheries), Climate change will affect olive cultivation.

There are many investigations indicate that these phenomena associated with climate change as may be the increase in temperature, the drop in rainfall or increased external events negatively affect on agricultural systems. O, which is the same, causing a reducing crop production.

IFAPA has carried out since its center of Alameda del Obispo (Córdoba) projects where the impact of climate change on olive growing is studied. These studies confirm that the impact of low rainfall and high temperatures in the olive can not be severe, provided they are implemented adaptation measures necessary. Not doing so would be a complete mistake.

So, for olive cultivation is not affected by climate change, is important to carry out these measures and analyze the impact that this phenomenon may have in the Andalusian olive grove.

In summary, IFAPA is responsible for:

  • Identify the impact of climate change in Mediterranean agriculture
  • Define mitigation measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Identify, evaluate and promote adaptation measures to reduce the impact of climate change on Mediterranean crops

Following these steps will ensure economic sustainability, social and environment in Andalusia. At least with regard to agricultural sector per se. Why they are fundamental and should be done as soon as possible.

Now that you know climate change will end up affecting olive cultivation, it is important to continue working for the impact as small as possible; so that just affects and can continue producing a quality olive.

Remember that in BuenSalud always find the best AOVE.

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