EVOO is a good ally in detox diets? Of course it is. In fact, this ingredient is essential in the day to day and we never tire of recommending it. But if you follow a detox type diet, know that we are facing a powerful antioxidant for the body and skin.


Detox diet y AOVE

First of all, What is it detox? It is a term that refers to the process of eliminating toxins from the body. It comes from detoxify and refers to detoxify, so it aims to purify the body.

We're, so, before a cleansing diet that It helps eliminate toxins. In fact, it is common to resort to these practices after eating a lot or to lose a couple of kilos before having an event.

But, How to take EVOO on a detox type diet? It is common to resort to fruit and vegetable shakes and smoothies. For any of these preparations, you can add a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

It cannot be missed because it has a high percentage of good fatty acids, which helps to detoxify the body earlier and eliminate negative substances. That is why we recommend incorporating EVOO in smoothies, juice and other dishes from day to day, starting with breakfast.

There are many combinations you can make, we propose a few:

  • Hojiblanca EVOO with vegetables: to make this smoothie simply put a little water in the blender, cucumber, spinach, a little lemon juice, a little ginger and apple Then add to tureens of EVOO of the Hojiblanca variety. It suits him very well.
  • Arbequina EVOO with banana and pineapple: another excellent combination of smoothies is to incorporate pineapple, banana, lemon and a piece of ginger. After mixing everything we add 2 tablespoons of Arbequina and ready.
  • Picual EVOO with carrot: besides being a great detox smoothie, it also helps you to get darker in summer. To prepare it, just blend carrot, celery, 2 tablespoons of Picual EVOO and enjoy


As you see, they are different detox smoothie recipes together with varieties of EVOO also different, because they fit like a glove and are delicious.

In Good health you will find a great EVOO to combine with your detox diet and obtain the best possible benefits for you. It can not be missing in your diet.

Did you like these recipes? If you haven't already, Try them!

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