Unfortunately for us, the Palm oil It is present in many industrial products. It is without doubt one of the most consumed oils, but not precisely popularity, if not because it is added to a number of food products, Beauty and hygiene, besides being a very popular biofuel. The use of palm oil has a number of health hazards, Are you the story?

Features palm oil

The Palm oil is obtained, as the name suggests, African palm or palm oil. The Elaeis Guineensis It is native to Africa, but today it is grown successfully in most tropical countries, Collecting the ideal conditions for growth and production.

Its use is so popular and demand is so high, even it causes serious environmental problem. Governments and producers around the world indiscriminately felled million hectares of forests annually to plant African palm and harvest the precious oil palm.

further, extraction of palm oil also generates pollution. The oil is extracted from the pulp by various processes, but residues are usually burned after production, generating a toxic vapor to the environment which contributes to air pollution.

The dangers of palm oil for health

Palm oil is very popular for several reasons. Its production is extremely economical with respect to other oils, and its texture is solid, making it a perfect product for cosmetic and food consumption. However, the dangers of palm oil for health benefits outweigh its.

It is true that palm oil contains vitamin E and carotenoids, natural antioxidants that protect the heart and eyesight, In addition to preventing cancer, but also contain other oils like extra virgin, with many more benefits.

Palm oil contains a large number of saturated fat. To get an idea, a conventional olive oil contains about 15%, while palm oil round 50% saturated fat.

Doctors around the world recommend, for its properties as demonstrated on many occasions, the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, as our AOVE Buensalud. The care with which the olive and the final quality of the product is grown, It is good for the ecosystem, and above all, for your health.

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