Do you know the benefits of olive oil when doing sports? Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential to enjoy good health. But you will be surprised how this healthy fat can help you.

Sport and EVOO

Since BuenSalud we want you to know the benefits that the consumption of EVOO has and are linked to sport. Because it is a good fat that is recommended to take every day in the form of 2-3 soup spoons.

The important thing is that it offers many advantages when you practice exercise, because when an effort is made the body consumes oxygen and more free radicals are released.

Thanks to oleic acid of the AOVE, an unsaturated fat that contains, localized cholesterol levels in the blood can be reduced. All this when we activate the body's machinery and do some activity.

Something similar happens with another of its properties, thes polifenoles. We are facing antioxidant chemicals that help prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

EVOO also contains Vitamin E. Helps prevent oxidative damage, improve the circulatory system, vision and avoiding certain diseases such as Parkinson's.

But this is not all, Because it is this vital and essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, it is a great ally against pain and inflammation that may appear as a result of sports. So it is a great complement when exercising and following a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to following a diet, you may be counting calories and trying to eat the minimum daily (within your weight) not to be hungry. But more than counting calories, it is important that you consume EVOO for all its benefits for the body, especially if you supplement the diet with sports. Because it helps you.

There are people who see the calories in extra virgin olive oil and are scared, they prefer not to take it so as not to gain weight. But they are good fats that have many benefits. For a reason, it is the indisputable ingredient of the Mediterranean diet that is so popular.

So that, a diet based on EVOO and constant exercise can help you be healthy and have a healthy weight. Some benefits that still increase when doing sports. What is not missing in your shopping cart!



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