In BuenSalud always we try to offer the best AOVE and we want to know the status of the olive tree at all times and wellbeing. Thus, we want to catch up on the Ebola olive.

A recent analysis of the European Union has confirmed the disaster Baleares, or applying all possible protocols may eradicate the pest. In Alicante, things are so that neither farmers nor mayors want to cut down trees. You more:

Ebola plague olive limit

The Xylella fastidiosa It is a bacterium known as ebola olive tree because of its devastating effects on woody trees. Baleares It is the first point of entry of the pest in Spain and now, It is said to be "out of control", since they have been confirmed over 156 foci of plague and up. Its effect is so devastating, that to eradicate it would not be other than "bulldoze" the island to comply with the protocol eradication.

Elsewhere in the map as Alicante, we find more than 30 potential sources. As it happens in Mallorca, they are confirmed slowly. And we have to raze much of the Marina Baixa to comply with the protocol. However, farmers, municipalities ... all they say no, that they do not continue cutting down trees.

The forecasts are not particularly good. Right now, we have to the plague continues to grow. The amount of host plants is increasing and worst, It is that it has achieved many vineyards, and other species. So much so, that from the EU and the Commission, They are debating about a containment plan in the Balearic Islands.

It is also important to mention, the ebola affects all woody trees, specifically, to nail 300 different species. It ranges from olives to citrus, vineyards, almendros, ornamentals, etc.

Right now, in the main centers of Spain maintained strong opposition to the European directive. They refuse to slash and burn as many hectares. To do so would be talking about completely deforest some important areas of our country, which it is unthinkable.

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