Times have evolved so much that technology is the order of the day. And if Amazon surprised us with their drones that send packages, What do you think about Drones for olive harvest?

There is no doubt that robberies in the fields cause many problems and losses to farmers. One way to control this and / or to collect olives, happen by choosing a drone with a sensor system complete.

Is a technological solution very interesting that could facilitate the work in the field. Not only to combat abductions that continue to occur in our country, but also contribute to its collection.

Drones in the world of agriculture, a reality

We speak of an R & D project that could have different uses and purposes. Specifically, we talk about drones with infrared sensors and infrared cameras by remote control, in order to see everything that happens on the field. It could detect nocturnal visits and be a complete solution to this problem. This was announced the Andalusian Foundation for Aerospace Development (FAR).

further, He defined this project as "Muchuelo”. A project that would be focused on improving the security of farms and monitoring.

This initiative already has just begun

This new initiative has just begun and is expected to close by midyear. First, will start in olive farms in the Atlas Center, Villacarrillo (Jaén). Diputacion itself provide 90.000 drones to guard farms. It is a useful project that curdles well in a province with more than 66 million olive trees. It would be a way to care for and protect.

However, This is not everything, Because since BuenSalud, We are confident that this initiative will go beyond. We would not seem strange that soon we had Drones to facilitate the collection of olives.

We are facing an initiative that could go far and be the start of something big and different. The manager himself and spokesman of Asaja-Jaen, Luis Carlos Valero, He spoke about the importance of educating farmers on something such as the Drone technology and precision agriculture, both future holds.

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